3.1 (Hundred Dollars) Phillip Lim for Target

Similar to how we all remember where we were and what we were doing when all the big moments in our life happened, I was wasting my morning scrolling through my Facebook feed when I learned that Target was doing a collab with 3.1 Phillip Lim.

At this moment, I believed in reincarnation. I’m telling you – I died, guys.

I watched that promo video over and over, then went in to work (where I was selling some real prime designer threads) to gush to everyone that, hashtag, PhillipLimForTarget was a thing. P Lim, like any progressive designer, has stunning and intricate and downright beautiful stuff… of the likes mere mortals can never afford. Oh, I’ve spent seasons pining over his dresses and sweaters and whimsical printed tunics, and while my job enabled me to exercise a very liberal discount, I’ve yet to add a 3.1 piece to my closet.

OG Pashli Satchel

Not that any of it matters because I’ve never loved a garment the way I love his bags. And I’m not even a purse person.

What I carry my feminine nonsense in is always some combination of cheap and practical. I need a strap, and then like, a zipper. So why am I getting all doe-eyed every moment I pass by a Phillip Lim Pashli bag? Probably because we’re soul mates.

Please feel sorry for me because that sleek and perfect designer handbag on the left is sucking the living $700 right out of me. It’s a many splendid thing, but I’ve had to turn down love because, like Ewan McGreggor, I can’t afford to sleep with it.

Target Pashli

But now there’s a cure for this ridiculous obsession with the Pashli bag, and it’s at Target, like, five hours ago. Hellooooo $35 sloppy-seconds satchel! It’s like the kind of simple sister to the one above, and, honestly, I wish I hadn’t cross compared them because now my cheap bag looks even cheaper.

Whelp, my early-morning ferver has been squandered,¬†however, this only means the dream lives on. I start saving today!But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at some of my DEBT!

Here’s what I’ve picked up at 3am from this collaboration:

In truth, I wasn’t able to get my physical hands on the yellow Pashli bag, color-blocked sweater or peplum top. For those, we’re going to have to thank Mom in Hawaii who snuck out of the house in the wee Sunday hours to get the things her daughter couldn’t snag in PST. How she got the mini satchel, I quote, “I have no idea.” I’m calling it a mix of fortune and a recessive ninja gene – And I’m not going to fight genetics.

All in all, Phillip Lim for Target was a circus everywhere, from small towns to the interwebs and isolated tropical islands. I got more than what I expected to, and I didn’t even have to punch anyone in the guts.