A Food Truck Rally

As a fan of food and mass gatherings, Hawaii’s Eat The Street food truck rallies are right up my ally. June’s theme was garlic, and, unsurprisingly, a swarm of folks came out to advocate their love of that pungent bulb. I was still suffering from the pangs of my post-vaction cold, but Melissa (of @Melissa808) hinted to me of garlic’s antioxidants and I could not deny her well-aimed argument. I did my best to suit up in something that contradicted that sickly green feeling inside and then hit the streets.

Top – H&M; Skirt – Forever 21; Shoes – Madden Girl; Cardigan – J. Crew; Purse – H&M; Monocle Necklace – Grandmother’s; Glasses – Polo

There was a wondrous¬†assortment of specialty items to pick from, a nice improvement from May’s Tomatofest, and I found myself snacking on garlic frog legs, garlic streak, garlic mac and cheese, garlic topped waffledogs and Jamaican garlic chicken bites. It’s always a delight to go with a few guy friends as they eat multiple plates and have no problem sharing a couple measly bites with me. It enables a kind of smorgasbord sample platter that I wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise.

Jamaican garlic chicken bites

Jamaican garlic chicken bites from Jawaiian Jerk Chicken.

I’m a big sucker for fresh-brewed beverages, though because they’re sorely lacking at ETS events, I tend to buy every drink I happen across. There was an adorable and legit lemonade stand hosted by a gaggle of children fundraising for their school, so I simply had to indulge their endearing sales pitch and buy a cup.

Feather ring from a booth at Art + Flea; gold ring was my grandmother’s.

A beautiful evening out at June’s Eat The Street food truck rally.

The evening set beautifully, a bright moon high up before the dark settled in. And while I still couldn’t profess being back at full health, I will say that after a night full of antioxidants, well, I was feeling surprisingly better.

A sick girl’s gotta eat. What other foods expedite the healing process?