GramFab Goes 9 to 5

If you’re not sold on the great wardrobe theme of Grandma Fab, then let me spend a few moments showing you the versatile ways that this apparel juxtaposition functions. In today’s post, we take GramFab to the office.

You can apply the same principle of the last post in a 9 to 5 situation, albeit with a few edits. Clearly, the “sex” requirement of the outfit needs to become more of a subtle presence despite the need to appeal to a boss (cue Bell and Sebastian’s “Step Into My Office, Baby“). So, instead, the appeal must be more suggestive.

I love a high-waisted skirt. My brother and that one cranky girl that sat behind me in our Global Communication class both share the unfortunate similarity of having voiced that it makes a woman look old. Au contraire! Anything that embraces that waist should be heralded as a savior of figure, the goddess of shape and champion of physique. My short Asian legs and long upper torso bow in reverence to that old-fashioned silhouette. And the best part is, why, it merely hints at the untouchable whimsy that is the break-room romp. “I’m fertile, baby,” it says, “but not on my 9 to 5.”

Imaginary exploits aside, the office constricts provocative garb and it takes a moment of meddling to sneak in a note of sexy. Coco Chanel hated the knee – that ugly, wobbly patella – but while your joints are still supple, I say hike ‘um up. High heels, floral skirts, billowy satin blouses that give movement and shape; now we’re talking. Accessorize with gaudy gold jewelry, a vintage, thrifted purse and top it off with an asymmetrical hairdo to give yourself a hired-on-the-spot, classic Gram-Fabulous outfit.

So break out those thrift store pieces and pair it with a modern top, accessorize like an old lady and wow your boss with your stellar, camouflaged sex appeal.

Also, here’s the stellar piece of street art that served as the underrepresented backdrop to this photo shoot. Appreciate it with me now.