How to Survive the Seasonal Transition (in Hawai‘i)

So it’s officially autumn and there’s a nip to the air. Streetlights flicker on sooner as the days become shorter, and as long as you eat seasonally then you can say goodbye to tart blackberries picked straight off the bramble. It’s not time yet but it’ll be time soon enough to pack your sun dresses and sleeveless numbers away to make room for winter coats, fuzzy hats and wool socks. Ah, that seasonal transition is such a puzzle.

Unless you live in Hawai‘i where we don’t even have blackberry bushes because it’s an invasive species that would choke off our native flora and freak out the tender island-wide ecosystem. ps. Streetlights flicker on at 6:30 p.m. like, always. So how do you adapt to the summer/fall climate transit in a place like that? Well, where do I begin.

1. Wear white. It’s hot and humid and there is no such thing as a seasonal reprieve when you rub elbows with the equator. “But it’s past Labor Day,” you say? Well I don’t want to be caught with soppy pit stains or an excess of unnecessary boob sweat.

2. Bring a light sweater around with you. Oh don’t get excited, official sweater weather isn’t until late December, but the office is still a little frigid and you just want to make sure you can survive that indoor/outdoor transition.

3. Break out a nice pair of boots! Rain boots, of course, cause it’s still hurricane season.

4. Use moisturizer. While leather is one of this season’s big must-haves, you don’t want to showcase it on your face. Make sure it’s also equipped with SPF as an off-season sunburn is just as detrimental as a peak season one. Don’t put your guard down just because we’re getting less UV exposure the closer we get to winter. Protect that beautiful mug!

5. And lastly, continue wearing the exact same clothes that you’ve been wearing in the summer. And spring. And the winter before that. So, like, shorts and tank tops, sandals, flirty dresses, bikinis, wide-brimed hats, the over-sized tote and sunglasses.

And there you have it! Five fail-safe ways to survive Hawai‘i’s climate change in style! Good luck to you.