Blue Leather Jackets cos, Child, you need that

Blue Leather Jackets. What’s not fascinating about the prospect of a leathered blue. In jacket formation.

A woman came up to me last week and asked for it. “Do you have a blue leather jacket?” And I lost my shit. “…You’re kidding,” I said, because, duh, I’ve got your blue leather jacket right here.

It was Theysken’s Theory that first brought this blue leather nonsense to my attention. Minor correction: It was more like indigo suede, but the statement was there. It’s fibrous softness, padded shoulders and asymmetrical zipper placing were statements to this years’ moto jacket, but man, that blue was the portal to a very warm and fashion-forward heaven. So I died.

My favorite of the following draws from my general bias for Helmut Lang. I love the color blocking and the unusual draping that’s not often seen with leather. And I am curious to see how the Alexander McQueen piece functions and if those pocket details are more silhouette-shaping than they are practical. But, of course, Theysken’s Theory still holds my heart for being the originator, the emotional ground zero from which my fascination stemmed.

But Blue Leather Jackets, man, I’m telling you.

Blue Leather Jackets are a Thing