The Brisk Braid Wrap

My hair is crazy. Personified, you could probably commit my hair to an asylum and no one would object. My hair has some kind of multiple-personality disorder, ensuring that it is never predictable in texture nor volume. Plus, it is straight-up crazy.

You see, my mom’s got that thick, straight black hair that is common on Japanese heads, while my dad has really kinky hair so that, at least in the 70s, he was able to sport a decent afro (for a white guy). Here’s my favorite shot of my parents.

Mom and Dad <3

So when I was created, my scalp was endowed with a little bit of both of their very contrasting hair follicles. Some mornings my hair decides to hang in rigid half-curls, while on other days it’s a humbling combination of frizzy and outrageous. Therefore, I tend to default to various styles of bun. Like a champ.

But I’m falling more and more in love with braids and I once again refuse to acknowledge that I am seasons, if not years, late. Besides, I have to wear a crown at least once a week and it doesn’t get classier than a braided updo. A braid manages to conceal the ridiculousness of my hair, BUT it also works WITH my crazy texture to achieve something just a few steps short of decadent.

I was intrigued by the simplicity of this braid featured on Bayside Bride and decided it was a worthy braided undertaking.

I like it because it’s so wonderfully simple in both theory and execution (unlike the fishtail braid that I tried out a few weeks ago). In fact, I managed to throw this one together in about 10 minutes and zero bobby pins – a real record, trust me. Just throw up a pony tail, braid down, and then flip it through the space above the first tie until it’s all wound up in a simple braided bun… I’m in love!

The real question is, does it look good while I’m in princess mode? I have an event this Thursday, so I’ll let you know. My hair still looks slightly unkempt, but what else is new.

In the meantime, what are some of your favorite braided updos? I have a year to try them all.