A Week in Instagram – Fashion Focus

I’ve been trying to find a way to apply some kind of focus toward my Instagram account, whether it be through editing (my cousin, @keikolyn, is a perfect example of this. All her photos have just the right warmth to them), or  by subject matter. I have a tendency to over-edit, so this week, I pulled focus on something that I do much better than editing: getting dressed.

I enjoyed featuring my accessories, those essential items that make an outfit without receiving proper credit. Bangles, belts, shoes and glasses are those subtle items that work ever harder to pull our clothes together. And come on, I’ve been waiting for the day that I could show off that gold collar necklace 😉

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ps. I bought some gold croakies while I was in LA for Neisei Week. I’m absolutely in love with them and I’ve already made some at home. A blog about it sure to come.