Comfort Clothing: Sickly Scarves

The cruise trip to Alaska was amazing, as were the days we spent hanging out with my cousins in Seattle (more to come on that later). However, by our finial day away, most of us were coming down with something that exhibited symptoms suspiciously similar to each other’s. Upon arrival to Hawai‘i, it was confirmed: The entire family was sick.

So instead of reveling in our last fortnight of fun, we’ve all been moping about with boxes of tissue and day-time pajamas. It certainly didn’t help that the family dog, Mele, passed while we were on the ship.

While I should be posting about summer-time whites or lemonade hats, I’m going to advocate for the one item that I have wrapped around myself each time I catch a cold: The Scarf.


Scarves Set

No matter how drabby an outfit (or mindset), a colorful scarf is a simple way to spruce it up. It almost detracts from the under-the-weather posture, uncomfortable red nose and all-natural face. I really just appreciate that I can easily wrap it tighter or take it off altogether when my body alternates between feverish and the chills. The heat of the summer and the bare-nakedness of the neighbors can’t deter me from moping around the house like a great-grandmother, so I might as well do so with some semblance of style.

What’s your comfort clothing when you fall ill?