Gatsby Inspired

My best friend Mai and I were watching something like Life of Pi or that gangster flick with Ryan Gosling when we first saw the trailer for The Great Gatsby. Since then, we’ve been all a flutter for this film, (re)reading the book and engaging in countdowns. And while the culmination of our wait was somewhat bit mediocre, there’s still a lingering impact that Gatsby has left in its wake.

Similar to how Lisbeth Salander silently lent her gothic aura to the mainstream wardrobe, so too did Daisy Buchanan.

And there’s no denying the sudden and uproarious influx of drop-waist dresses. They’ve been coming out all season and the one before, from A.L.C.’s silk paisley dress to a color-blocked basic from T by Alexander Wang. And while the 20s dress emphasized a kind of shapelessness, from sheath dresses to tunic tops, it didn’t take away from a woman’s sultry femininity. Pearls, lace, and feathers were adornments that helped to retain a kind of sexuality despite the onset of slacks and short bobs.

Which is just the kind of juxtaposition that titilates my fashion hankerings!

So go ahead and throw me in a drop waist. Give me chunky heels, lace for days and enough pearls to make the ocean rise two centimeters from the tears of death-row oysters. And then top it off with some glitzy hair comb or a darling cloche hat to take it back 100 years. I’ll be the splitting image of my great-grandmother and it’ll bring instant zen to my white ancestors.

This collage pretty much assembled itself into three darling outfits that are perfect for brunches, affairs and lurid house parties. While I don’t particularly advocate three-way cheating, I do support day drinking, patio lounging and clothes flinging. With these classy pieces, you could easily reenact the worst romance in history, or simply have a particularly stylish evening out.

So read the book, skip the movie and dress like that sultry Jordan Baker. And if you’re looking for a few good cocktails to drive the theme home, then check out this Gatsby alcohol guide which will surely get you there.