#76. Celebrate your 30th birthday with happiness.

HI. It’s been half a year.

I’ve been gone, but these tasks are not forgotten. Just in a queue. That I’ll get to.

Alas, I am 30 and 5 days. What have I done in 30 long years besides read and wander around and be occasionally inebriated? Only the sober will know. Here’s what 30 looks like:

Nix and Squirrel

Birthday Squirrel Sweater with little hands and little pet in the background.

In a last ditch attempt to spend my 30th with people I care about, I whipped up a “Nerdy Thirty” boardgame night at my place and invited all 12 people I know in the Bay Area. Since my day of birth and Christmas are kissing cousins, few were around to attend – this was probably for the best as I left my flat mate, Lauren, zero time to prepare (she’s a doting cook and the best host around)!

In the end, I had a small group of people I care so much about here to entertain my current board game mania while dining on Lauren’s always delicious fare. There was mulled booze, beer, whiskey and wine, and fun was had by all (I presume).

While I had hoped to get to playing Dead of Winter, we spent most of our time fussing over the rules and calling eachother out on BS while playing Coup, a card game that’s advertised to take 15 minutes. After two hours with the first game of Coup, the folks had to call it quits because Tuesday, and I got to relish alone in the fun gifts below.

Lauren gave me this amazing Zombies Have Issues 2016 Calendar that chronicles #ZombieProblems through the months. A coworker, Lee, passed on her favorite books (I totally appreciate these kinds of gifts) plus an awesome AT-AT necklace that I’ll be sure to get loads of use out of. Then lastly, a little something for myself, 7 Wonders, though I cracked it open and decided it was too complex to learn while inebriated and promptly stashed it away.

So yes, achievement achieved. I celebrated my 30th birthday with happiness :)