A Week in Instagram – Filter Focus

I’ve taken this week to put a little more intent in find a way for my photos to look a bit more unified. In terms of context, well, I can only feature so many bangles before I find my own self bored with IG. Besides, I do a lot of stufffrom princess photo shoots and cross-island field trips to funky-pants flea markets and hair-do don’ts.

Speaking of tresses, if you’re curious as to why I have not posted any “after” photos of my haircut, it’s because I wasn’t supposed to go to the beach the day after I colored it. My hair has turned an obnoxious shade of orange/maroon that lights up in the sun and some things should just not be remembered. I get it recolored in the morning, so maybe I’ll have some photos soon.

In the meantime, enjoy a few snippets of this past week, and for full coverage, follow me @Nixfunkle