Manicure Monday: It’s Geometric

I know, “but it’s Tuesday.” Again.

Anyway, I was totally swooned by this flawless geometric manicure I saw on Pinterest and decided in full-force that I needed to at least make an attempt at duplication. I have a limited attention span when it comes to aimlessly waiting, so my lines aren’t entirely straight. However, I think it’s a forgivable flaw and no one has had the nerve to point it out to me yet.

I do have a horrible habit of going straight to sleep after I paint my nails, so I usually wake up with fabric prints pressed into the polish. C’mon, it adds a touch of bedroom character (plus it’s indicative of my impatience).

I’ve been so in love with gold lately that the gold on my nails seems to match with everything I wear and accessorize with. Mental note: Use gold more often.

Alright, next week I need to go all-out Americana for the Olympics. Brainstorm.