Jet Planing

This month is one full of movement. A few weeks ago I sailed away to Alaska, and now I’m at the foot of a three-layover sojourn to New Orleans. This poor blog, so sorely neglected by my travels, and it’s not over yet. About a week after I return, I’m off again to LA for Nisei Week. I love being on court.

This week, I’ll be in Louisiana for work and not for the spectacular spirits convention that seems to be going on. I’ve been told to step into the first bar I find and order a Sazerack and a Vieux Carre (excuse the spelling misfortunes that may have occurred) and so, not surprisingly, those are the only items on my to-do list. I honestly don’t think I’ll have much time for anything else.

But for now, I stare travel in the face and bid adieu to this isle. New Orleans, I have only you to conquer.

Gute Reise, Alles!