Luggage Jet Set

I’m leaving on a two-week vacation with my family next Thursday, and while I’ve traveled extensively in my past, I’ve never been able to afford to do so in style. I would stare longingly at the unique sets of luggage at airports and train stations, wishing that my own plain suitcase would be a little more indicative of my personality. Featured below are the heartthrobs of travelers, many of which are too good for common adventurers like myself, but still too sexy not to turn away.

5. Vintage Samsonite Ultralite Two Tone Luggage Set, $48
6. TopShop Lime Green Woven Suitcase Bag, discontinued


When it comes to luggage, it’s best to just have your eye out for a good deal. Making do with a comparatively cheap, vintage suitcase is much better than trolling around a thousand-dollar suitcase that would induce the vapors if it ever got damaged.

Investing in a snazzy carry-on or weekender is a good start to establishing your jet-setter style. I toggle between a grey and pink tweed Samsonite bag and an aqua Panam flight bag which I both snagged second-hand for a couple bucks. I hope that these serve as little indicators that attest to my taste despite my otherwise boring luggage.

What do you do to spice up your travel experience?