Respect the Specs

I’ve been wearing glasses since the 7th grade when I noticed that the cheerleaders during assembly were out of focus, and the rest, as they say, is the start of a very long obsession. My collection of glasses took off in 2005 when I moved to South Korea. Frames and lenses there are comparatively cheap and no prescription (and therefore, no insurance) are necessary in order to walk away with some stunning shades. For every person who visits the South K., I always suggest they stop in for some optical treatment.

Since then, my personal array of glasses ranges from a maroon Harry Potter style to a chunky ombre frame. The last pair I bought was when I was visiting Seattle two years ago, and while it’s still in perfect shape, I’m hankering for another set.

And true to form, like clockwork or tradition, my current visit to Seattle has led me to the steps of yet another specs shop and I’ve walked away with a pair of glasses that I like to describe as a combination between Indiana Jones and C-3PO. My brother thinks they are a genre of Hogwarts ghetto fab, but in truth, they’re just spectacular.

What are your thoughts? Wizarding gone awry or an archeology success?

And tell me, what are your newest set of frames?