101 Things in 1001 Days – An Introduction

I’ve been thinking about this list for years. The last time I engaged in the 101 Things Challenge, I wound up pushing myself to do some really awesome things (#7: Live In Another Country For A Year). I also broke bad habits (#78: Stop Biting Nails) while establishing some memorable new ones (#31: Learn New Trade – Video Editing). This all set me up so that, in a series of somehow related events, I found a path into the field of journalism, which connected me to my mentor, Cathrerine Toth, who then encouraged me to run in the Cherry Blossom Festival of Hawai’i where I won a title and served a year on court as the 60th Cherry Blossom Festival of Hawai’i Princess. I know.

The clear adage here is if you do this Challenge, you’ll get to wear a crown. And why stop at one?

So I’m at it again, five years later, because I’m list-driven and self-motivated to try a new, more adult-ish undertaking. Plus, gosh, I’ve been pining for any silly reason to write and post pictures of my plants. Besides, I have reason to forget that alzheimer’s and dementia run in the family – blogging is where all my memories get an extended half-life.

And without any more of this, I present:


Do Challenge. Become Royal.

Do Challenge. Become Royal.