A Fortnight in Instagram

It’s been an exciting two weeks where I’ve found myself on all corners of the island having downright amazing experiences. Two weekends ago, my amazing girlfriends from Cherry Blossom and I hit up the swap meet for the final time to get rid of all that stuff we have lying around the house – and by this I mean, primarily clothes. And boy, did we have mounds of it. Each garment sold for $1, which is a steal considering that we all have decent wardrobes. Best find, however, was the mysterious bag full of printed fancy pants which we all, at one point, desired to wear (see photo below).

But the best part of the week happened when the gang from the Greenhouse Innovation Hub took a work-related farm visit to the North Shore to partake in the wonders of Hawaiian Fresh Farms. I went nuts over the goats (which I got to milk and carry), bull (which I got to pet and feed) and amazing food that came straight out of the land. I’m talking Hawaiian chili pepper and basil goat cheese, freshly brewed kombucha that would blow your mind and a stunning view with which to take it all in. Our team left inspired to do great work and I’m still giddy over the experience.

Hopefully the next fortnight delivers in a similar way. However, if you’d like to keep up with me in real time, go ahead and follow me @Nixfunkle