– A Lesbian Fanpage (?!)

Listen, I’m almost not sure how it happened, but I came in to work one day and I had a fanpage. For lesbians.

Now this is another unexplainable something, but lesbians are curiously drawn to me. To say they flock would be kind of maybe a literal description. In the beginning, I think it was because I had a pixie cut and no history, as far as anyone knew, of having had a boyfriend. Despite growing out my hair and racking up exlovers, the ladies still liked to lay it on thick.

And maybe it’s because I could care less whether a person is gay or not. Or, mayhaps, it’s because I’m nearly connected at the hip with my fake identical twin best friend, Mai, who just so happens to be the awesome lesbian version of myself. I completely understand how my love for her is misleading – but have you any idea how amazing she is?

And so the origin story of came into being. That’s right, my very own lesbian fanpage.

Now, I’m almost sad to say I’m not gay. I’ve even assessed the possibility of a shift in my sexual orientation, but alas, that number still stands at nil. For all those Chix for Nix out there, regardless, I <3 you all.

ps. Dix4Nix, however, is still an open concept. JUST KIDDING, MOM AND DAD.