Hello. A wordy, pictureless update.

Hi. I’m back in the U.S. of A. and I don’t know how to balance my life post Japan.

!. Holiday season is upon us like a cunning little beast and I simply can’t out-manuever its deftness and frustrating omnipresence. Secret: Holidays give me anxiety! I’m sure this is true of many-a-folk, but I’m talking all holidays, even the good ones like St. Patrick’s Day and 4th of July. I usually remedy this by locking myself in my room for that day or braving the jovial world with sweaty palms and the occasional outburst of tears (New Year’s Eve is the worst). However, I just feel like if I had the perfect holiday dress, I could get through it just slightly better.

@. I so dearly want to add more posts to Amalgamode but I no longer see my darling best-friend-photographer, Mai, with the frequency with which I used to. Therefore, in my failure to exercise self help, I abandoned my blog altogether. To the every and nothingness of the Interwebz, my sincere apologies. My Instagram is still littered with a few diddys, though. @Nixfunkle if you dare.

#. There was a magical pond in Kyoto that was replenished by a magical fountain that flowed from the base of a holy temple. While there was magic lore to be happened upon everywhere there, my focus for this tale centers around the pond. It is said that if you make a wish, dip your pinky in the water and not speak until it dries completely, then your wish will come true. I approached the pond with clear intentions, the wish at the tip of my tongue, but the second before my finger broke the surface tension, a new wish sprang forth, one that I hadn’t even realized I desired. “How strange,” I thought, “that I desire this so strongly.” And while my superstitions precede my ability to write what that wish was, I do feel as if the tectonic plates on which my life is built have shifted because of that moment. I have a changed direction, though, rest assured, it involves a bit more writing. Ah, the quest for life happiness! What a strange adventure.

$. I’ve been consuming a significant increase of ice cream.

So those are my pictureless updates. Read if you dare. Life is about to get weird.